The Ides of March

Hello. So, the ides of March is the 15th. That was 5 days ago. So, it’s not really the ides of March. But anyway.

So what’s going on in my life? I enjoy work at Sun Mart for the most part. They’ve finally started giving me more than 9 hours per week. I got 23 last week (!!!) and 18 this week. I don’t think I’m getting 23 again; that was because of spring break. So anyway, my friend and co-cashier, Natalie, told me she was sick of Sun Mart yesterday, and I agreed with her.  It’s fun to work at Sun Mart, but in terms of organization and functioning properly, the whole cash register system sucks. Yesterday, we had to explain to  every person who wanted to use a debit card that they needed to run it as credit today, because the debit line wasn’t working. Because the debit cards weren’t working, EBT food stamps weren’t working either and I had to send away a man who had no other way to pay for his groceries. I apologized and told him he shouldn’t have to pay by another method, he should be able to use his stamps, but I still felt awful. He said it was OK and he’d go to Wal Mart or something, but he was obviously and rightfully frustrated. This is the type of thing Natalie doesn’t like and neither do I. Also, every single day, each cashier rings up at least 3 or 4 items that aren’t in the computer, which then proceeds to make an obnoxious beeping noise that sounds as if the world is going to end and which usually disturbs the customer. We then have to page someone to go look up the price on the shelf which may or may not prolong the time it takes for the customer to get their order out the door. Basically, it’s embarrassing. For that reason and also because of the low hours, I applied at Perkin’s. They said they’d call me back, they haven’t, and I’m semi-afraid it’s too late now. Anyway, enough complaining about having a relatively decent life, right? Aka, bitching.

So, I totally hope this greenhouse hires me. I called, dropped off my name and number, had a really, really good conversation with the owner, and am hopeful/excited. Of course, the garden season hasn’t started quite yet, but it sure starts a heck of a lot sooner here in Nebraska then it does up in Wisconsin.

There is this amazing application on Facebook called Pet Society, which is a scaled down version of Animal Crossing. Check it out.

So, school and homework. I started a new class this last term – Political Science. It’s required to graduate. … which reminds me, you need 20 hours of community service to pass the class and I’ve been planning to volunteer at Goodwill for months so I should probably stop by there sometime and get that set up. So the class is kind of cool. The teacher started the class by taking controversial issues, having the two major opinions on different sides of the room (“No middling!”) and explaining why each side feels the way it does. The only two issues we’ve done so far are abortion and legalizing pot. And, while I was trying in futile to work on my debate case last night, I ended up typing a splendid pro-choice argument. … which I think I will spruce up and post sometime, unless I forget or decide not to, which more likely than not may happen. But who knows?

It is so fxcking windy in Nebraska!

Also, our AP English class has a 20 page research paper due sometime … it would be really good if I remembered when. Mine is on The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, which may be the most banal book ever written. Ok, so it’s alright – the plot is neat. But his writing style is so, fxcking, dry! He uses like, the most minimal descriptions and strings out the happenings of the book so long. And the book is only 93 fxcking pages! With pictures! And speaking of the work “fxcking,” everyone needs to listen to Lewis Black’s “Red, White and Screwed.” It’s a stand-up monologue, I watched it sometime in October, you can find it on Limewire, and I assure you: IT WILL BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY. If not expand your field of knowledge. Which is awesome.

(To the tune of “We Just Got a Letter” from Blue’s Clues) I can’t wait to garden, I can’t wait to garden, I can’t wait to garden, ’cause you’re really smart!

Rah, rah, shish koom bah! My bf actually gets to go to Missouri, like he wanted to, and I’m so happy for him, and I hope he has fun. I have a difficult time with relationships. I haven’t been in a lot of them. And I’m learning that I tend to be a totally insecure mother-fxcker. Which sucks. So I’m thinking I should, you know … like, maybe change that?

My mom just told me that if I homework I “need to be doing that.” I agree. But I can’t remember if I have any homework. I have three classes that really have homework … oh shoot. AP World History. I kind of need to totally catch up ’cause I wasn’t there Thursday or Friday… I think. And then there’s English and Poli Sci. So, I’m gonna unload the dishwasher! How schmexy is that!? Text  me or something. Buh-bye.


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