To Do: Wed. June 10th

Hey… I’m just figuring out what I need to do … I’m kind of bored.

See, I was going to go through my clothes and pick out the ones I don’t want anymore. The entire subdivision that I live in is having a huge mega-garage sale this Fri and Sat.  So I was hoping to sell some of my old crap. But my dad is using my room to practice some sort of presentation he’s giving that it seems he is too paranoid about giving. How bad can it be, honestly? Aside from that, I really want Gap to call me back for an interview. -crosses fingers- I think they would’ve called by now. I would stop by and ask except it’s too late now; they’re about to close and the manager wouldn’t be there anyway.

One thing I need to for sure do, and can do actually, at this very moment in time, is my math homework. I don’t need a haircut. But I think I want one. I like long hair. And I like short hair. It’s a tough decision. -shrug- And yes, I do notice that I’m totally talking about nothing but myself and being relatively boring.

So I should talk about this whale that exploded in Taiwan. But that will be another post.

I also want to get a tan. Somehow. Getting it the outdoor way would be nice but I don’t know if I’m that patient or if I’ll be outside that much. But I’d like to be. I’m not working tomorrow! If there were any parties I knew about I would go but nobody tells me about these things. And alcohol is bad for you anyway. ^_^ hahaha… awww. -sigh- Hmmmm… so. Relationships. Slash relationshit. ‘Tis been floating ’round my head for quite some time now. Idk. I could write forever about it or not at all. I think I’d prefer the latter.

UGGGHHhhhh… my hair is SO long… ok, it’s not that long. It’s been longer … and looked fabulous at the same time. But I just want it shorter for once. And I want to be hired at Gap. And I want to not be sitting here like a zombie.

So… possibilities for tomorrow:

Visit Gap.
Tan or be outside.
Get haircut.

Sounds good to me. So umm… yeah. Ooh, an also.

Sort out garage sale stuff.

Ok. I’m tired/stupid/bored/boring so I’m going to go away. Bye


One Response to To Do: Wed. June 10th

  1. Lauren says:

    cut the grass shirtless! happy parents, and tan alex! i miss you.

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