Chicago and College and Laptops (Oh my!)

Hey all. So for once, I’m really excited about life. Today is July 7th – almost July 8th. College classes start August 25th. Annnd … I’m hoping to go on a trip to Chicago with a special someone in September to see a Regina Spektor concert! And much more of course … I really need to exercise more. That was random. But it’s very true. I have tingling in my legs. They need to run or bike or something.

Anyway: College. There’s not a lot to say except I finished my summer math class … with a C.  😦  Very, very, very sad day. However, it is entirely and completely my fault. I was just lazy. Need I say more?

Laptops: I want this one. The cheap version on the left. My parents, who promised they would buy me a laptop for my graduation, literally can’t afford one right now, so I’m probably going to get their approval, pay for it myself, and hope they pay me back sometime. I can’t decide if I want to get an obnoxious color or just to leave it black. Thoughts?

Also in the realm of technology: I used to text using the Abc method. I am now slowly shifting to T9Word. It’s kind of weird and annoying at first, but I’m managing.

Okay … now Chicago! Or should I talk about college and careers first? No. Chicago. Omg, I’m so excited. I’ve been to Chicago at least three times before in my life but never for longer than two days. So naturally, there’s a lot I’ve been wishing I could see. Places I have been include the Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, the Shedd Aquarium – all the tourist traps. Also, I’ve been to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Hall and to this one pizza place in Chinatown whose name I cannot remember for the life of me. So where do I want to go … well, I’d really like to go to Boystown (the gay district) except one problem. Both me and my friend are just under 21. I’m sure though, if we look, there are still a  few things to do. Pride weekend was apparently just a week ago – June 28th. Drat. Oh well. But about Regina Spektor … Iiii’m not a huge fan, mainly because I only know 1 1/2 of her songs. But I’m hoping I can cultivate a love, or at least a like, of her so that I can appreciate the concert. It’s pretty much the driving force getting my friend to come with.

Annnnd speaking of college and Chicago … my same-age cousin is going to Concordia University, Chicago! I’m so excited for her. She deserves it – she has a very strong spiritual background and moreover, has great musical talent, so I’m not surprised she was admitted. Also, I have one of those friends that you meet once in real life, add to Facebook, and then don’t see again for a really long time, if ever. This one is named Steph. However, I’ve kept in touch with, she is super awesome, and right now she is living in the windy city, so I’m hoping to say “Hello!”

The other big component of this is money. I have spent way too much of it since getting my first job in August 2008. Therefore, I have committed to saving $100/week out of my paycheck which can only be spent on education purposes and major purchases – important things like traveling and auto maintenance, not clothing (unfortunately). Also, I used the deposit box on the ATM to deposit my last paycheck and it WORKED. I’m proud of myself. Except now I can’t remember if I cashed the two graduation checks I got late. I would look it up but I’m using the hotel computer and it’s extremely slow.  lol … there’s this guy flirting with the girl at the desk behind me. It’s really funny. He’s cute though, omg. So anyway.

Where the heck should I go in Chicago?! The Magnificent Mile is pretty amazing. I could spend a few days there. Honestly, I think if we hit up my cousin, my friend, The Magnificent Mile, Boystown, and Chinatown, we’ll have more than a full schedule. Navy Pier is sort of fun, but not as fun as everything else.

I just can’t wait! ^_^       (>_<)

I can’t decide if we should bring our bikes. I want to have a picnic if it’s not too cold. I also want to search for second hand designer label stores in Chicago. But this computer is so $%^&ing slow … that’s not too much of a possibility. Aha! I found a map of the bike trails in Chicago online. There’s a really pretty paved off-road trail that goes along the shore of Lake Michigan. Awesome.

Holy crap. So I decided to try searching for second hand stores on this computer. I got like 57256982035720357923502203750239 results. Ok… well I have to leave for the moment but I probably will write a part 2 to this … hasta luego chiquiticas!


One Response to Chicago and College and Laptops (Oh my!)

  1. Lauren says:

    i’m going to chicago in august! for lollapalooza! and maybe sightseeing. black laptop. i’m way late on looking at this. i miss you.

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