October Twenty-Ninth Two-Thousand-Ten

Good morning everyone. I didn’t sleep last night. But don’t tell anyone.

On the negative side, I missed Sociology today once again so that I could write an English paper instead, and a crappy English paper at that. I need to accept the fact that I absolutely cannot get any type of academic work done surrounded by my staffmates and to avoid spending time around them when I need to being finishing work. But oh well.

So. The guy in the Finance Office is really cute. And I looked like shit today because, as I said, and I wasn’t kidding, I did not sleep. But he still was super smiley and nice to me today when I paid my parking ticket. He very well might’ve just been nice and smiley as a course of good customer service, but of course I’d like to think it’s something more. He’s probably married, or has a long term boyfriend or something. … Oh well. I’d like to take him out to coffee… or something. Anything.

Anyway. I’m going to continue my sleep deprived day for two-and-a-half more hours. Then I’m going to take a three to four hour nap and wake up for duty. =D! Oh boy… do I love mess myself up. This is about as crazy as doing hardcore drugs, without the legal implications. I can’t say there aren’t health implications though, or that this doesn’t affect my functionality, especially in regards to attending Sociology class. But… I had a fit of insomnia, and gave into it. =) I also knew that if I did go to sleep last night, I would have never written my English paper before class. Okay. Time to head off. I will lamely update this ridiculous rodent hole sometime in the relatively near futuer. Lots of love. Alex


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